Friday, November 24, 2017

Tom Rivers

Tom Rivers

Tom Rivers has a dark gray detective coat and some hidden spy gear. Tom has black floppy hair and freckles. He wears jet black jeans and old red shoes. He also wears a jet black T-shirt with a spy on it. Tom wears a black leather belt that is hidden from view because of the detective coat and on the belt are some spy tools.

Tom Rivers acts like he is scared but he is atcherley very brave and adventurous. He also acts like he is a normal kid but at night he is a spy to stop criminals. Tom is always curious about things and he is always willing to help others.  

Tom is 12 and he loves machines. He also likes to draw and he hates boring homework and bullies.Tom loves to prove people wrong and he loves to run. He also likes to make his friends laugh.

Tom Rivers is an excellent spy at the oss secret agents.

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