Monday, March 11, 2019

Friday, November 16, 2018

descriptive writing

I’m in the desert climbing the tallest rocky cliff I can find at sun set and the clouds are golden orange and I am hanging off a cliff. Despite the cold wind I are determined to get to the top. My hands feel like they are burning because the hard, rough, sharp rocks.

My harness and climbing gear is very tight and I am high off the ground. I can hear rocks tumbling
and fear they will hit me but they pass safely. Everything is dark with shadow except the ocean
coloured sky and the golden clouds. I am a little bit frightened but keep on climbing. I smell clean
fresh air

Friday, June 22, 2018

Spider War 3

We were lucky to be alive. There was blood, sweat and tears on the battlefield. Sorry I'll start again. I was sitting in the chair with Seth (my best friend) beside me in our tree apartment that we put our money together to rent. We were dangerous white tails from World War ll. One cold Monday morning I was woken by the sound of a earthquake. I went out to investigate to see if Seth was okay. It was lucky he was, but the apartment was not. half of Seth's apartment was gone! It had been ripped out and easily tossed away into the distance. Seth and I scuttled down the tree and barely made it past the big beasts with two long legs and lots of hair. We went around our neighbourhood telling our fellow spiders there is a emergency meeting in the hall at exactly 10:00. when all the spiders came we had a talk and some spiders had a similar experience. We had a vote and we were going to make a army of the most dangerous spiders. Seth and me are leaders of the army because we came up with the idea and we are white tails. We had to put up with them for months while we were building web guns to fight against them. This was the plan. When we had everything we needed we attacked. First the ground troops would foot trip the big blue beasts then the air troops will jumped off the trees and sky-dive to the beasts and land on them, then they will throw web ropes over the big beasts and pulled them down the big spiders came with web guns and shot them until they were completely webbed like a mummy. Then we rolled them away to a place where no one find them. When everything was in its place we got ready to attack. The air troops climbed the trees and ground troops were ready. Boom! Thunder exploded and a rain storm started and lightning struck. The beasts were angry. We tripped them up okay and the air troops did great but the web guns failed and ended up mummifying the spiders who were operating them. We were going to retreat but we heard a extremely loud bell then something amazing happened. They all ran into a building and they were gone for the rest of the day. We all were confused but we decided that we scared them off. So we had a party the next morning just as everyone was inside we heard the noise none of us thought we would again. The loud footsteps came so close and loud some spiders fainted. For the second time our apartment was ripped out and the war started again. A huge beast called the principle came out and said something the little but big beasts and they went away and never came back. Hooray! We had a party as soon as our apartment was fixed. VICTORY!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The nursery

The nursery

Last year at Kokatahi Kowhitirangi School, the envirogroup planted trees and plants around the school, but the plants were getting ruined from rain and people standing on them. So the teachers and Principal decided that there should be a nursery. Not long after that someone came up to the school and built the nursery.

Not many students knew what it was when it was getting built, but then soon after, it was done we all knew it was a nursery. When the plants are older they could be used for lots of things like selling to the community, planting flax around the wet spots, for planting along the fence and to stop erosion. At first, they planted young plants, but weeds grew as well, so the envirogroup had to empty out all the pots with weeds in them.

After a little while, not many students took much notice about the nursery because nothing was happening with it. We got flax and we sold some to the community. They used some to plant in the muddy patch in the corner. We also used some for The sides of the fences where the drains are.

If the school has enough money they could buy more plants to use for the nursery so there will be no wet patches, no erosion and so birds can live in the plants when they are big.

Friday, May 18, 2018

 This game is pretty cool because it helps you learn times tables and everyone in my class thinks it is fun.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Active Playground

The active playground is interesting, because lots of people are running over the bumpy, rocky, uneven surface. It's always so noisy, except the weekends. Most people that are on the playground are in a cheerful, happy and fun mode. They can climb, swing, run, walk, slide and jump up and down. Some people stay there the whole day and some are just passing by. There are lots of playground equipment like: monkey bars, two forts, a net, a climbing wall, ladders, a flying fox, a bridge, a slide, and three poles - straight down beside each other and one on an angle. I think that someone thinks that the playground is traditional, but I think it is thrilling and awesome playful place. Some people drag their feet along the ground and make small paths. Lots of people play crazes like playground tag, busted and other games.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Me in my Environment

Apple tree  
Doc Leaves  
Envir onment
Hot House
Lemon Tree
Rubbish bin

Apple trees give us apples to eat and oxygen to breathe.

Bees make sweet honey that we can eat and when they collect pollen they spread it to other flowers.

Cows eat the grass and provide milk for us and the stuff that they don’t need is good for the plants.

Doc leaves grow everywhere and the cows eat them so they are healthy and produce better milk.

Environment is what we live in ,the natural environment is good because animals can live in it but the man-made environment is not as good for nature.

field is good because cows can graze and stay in one place.  

Grapes are a delicious fruit so animals can eat them and they grow from a plant so the plant is good for the air.

hot house is good because plants can grow freely and it will stop the plants
from getting bugs.

Ivy grows up on trees and helps them grow straight and when ivy dies it if good for the soil.


Kale is a vegetable that is very healthy and most people do not like the taste.

Lemon Trees grow lemons that are sour and if you give it good soil it could grow 3-5 feet.
Monkey bars are good because it helps you get stronger and it is fun to play on.

Nails are holding the deck together so it doesn't collapse when we walk on it and it is high off the ground.

plants are good because we can pick food from some and they breath in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen

Rubbish bin is useful because we have a place to put our rubbish so our school has no litter and nature is clean.
Sy is great because at night there are stars but is also good because that is where the clouds are and they make rain.

Trees are plants so they breathe out oxygen ,that means that they are good for nature and for climbing.


Vegetables are extremely healthy so eat your veggies but they all grow from plants so they are all are extremely excellent for nature.

Water is amazing because it hydrates you and it can be used for so many things like for making power.

Xylophone is in the music cupboard and it is a musical instrument that makes a ding sound.