Friday, November 24, 2017

Tom Rivers

Tom Rivers

Tom Rivers has a dark gray detective coat and some hidden spy gear. Tom has black floppy hair and freckles. He wears jet black jeans and old red shoes. He also wears a jet black T-shirt with a spy on it. Tom wears a black leather belt that is hidden from view because of the detective coat and on the belt are some spy tools.

Tom Rivers acts like he is scared but he is atcherley very brave and adventurous. He also acts like he is a normal kid but at night he is a spy to stop criminals. Tom is always curious about things and he is always willing to help others.  

Tom is 12 and he loves machines. He also likes to draw and he hates boring homework and bullies.Tom loves to prove people wrong and he loves to run. He also likes to make his friends laugh.

Tom Rivers is an excellent spy at the oss secret agents.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Look After The Environment

Looking After The Environment

I believe that you should look after the environment because if people don’t, bad things will happen. If nobody keeps the earth clean it will be a polluted dump.

I feel that if we don’t look after the environment and keep emitting greenhouse gases, our planet will get hotter. When the sun's energy comes down to earth it hits earth, gets turned into heat and bounces off. Then when it goes into the atmosphere the greenhouse gases hold the heat back. That is how our planet gets hotter.

Some people think it's okay to litter, but it's not. If people litter animals might eat it and die. Even if you put rubbish in the bin it’s going to end up in the sea or landfill. If people pollute creeks you won’t be able to go fishing because the water would be contaminated.

I believe that we shouldn't clear forests because animals live there and if we clear all plants. We will have no oxygen and we’ll die.

If everything is gone, what will you do? That is why you should look after the environment.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

The Principles

The principles

On Wednesday some principles came from Auckland to see what we did with our Chromebooks and how we used them. The school was split into five groups and each group had a principal with them. My group had a principal called Chris and first, we showed him our pepeha. Then we showed the things we did on our Chromebooks.

Some of the things that we show him was our blogs, learning sites, team drive and other stuff. When we showed him all the things he showed us a video of him jumping off the Auckland sky tower. The video was cool and entertaining.

There were two groups in the kea class and three groups in the hohi class. My group was in the Kea class.

The Magic Show

The Magic show

On Wednesday a magician came to our school and it was awesome. His name was Vas Kolovski and when the show started he had a glass box. Then he put a knife through it and Vas Kolovski put a red fan over the box so it was out of our view, suddenly there was a red bird inside the box.

Another trick was when there was a yellow and red box then he put a teddy rabbit inside the box. Then the magician pulled a real rabbit out of the box.

My favorite part was when he got some cloth and put it in water, squeezed it, blew on it and threw it up into the air. It turned into hundreds of paper butterflies of yellow, orange and purple.

The main message was healthy eating. You should always eat dairy, vegetables, fruit, protein and grains. It's okay to eat some treats but not every day.

Friday, September 8, 2017

My weekend

My Weekend

On Saturday Daniel was going to have a birthday party and I was invited. It was at his house and I couldn’t wait.

First mum dropped me off at Daniel's house. Seth, Dom, and Daniel biked down the road to the sawdust pile. I biked off with them.

When food was ready we all raced back to it and got our plates. There were three drinks and the drinks were fresh up, sprite and coke. Matthew [Daniels brother] put his lollies in his coke and drank it.

After that we played limbo. It was hard but I won and got a fidget spinner and a tiny candy dispenser. Then we played musical chairs and I’m not sure who won that.

Finally mum came and picked me up before I had cake!
We also picked up Jack and then left.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Riparian Planting

Riparian Planting

Riparian planting is when someone plants trees and plants around a creek or river. When you have done that you should fence the creek if it is in a paddock so you keep the cattle out.

It is good because it soaks up the nasties that cattle leave behind so they don’t go into the river/creek. If it goes in the river it will go to the sea.

The second good thing is that the shade from the trees and plants keep the fish cool so they don’t get too hot and die. Would you like to have dead fish in your rivers and creeks?

The last good thing is how the roots of the plants hold the land together so erosion doesn’t happen. Erosion is when the banks fall into the creek or river.

Riparian planting is when you fence around a creek or river if there is cattle around.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Water Cycle Informtion Repot

The Water Cycle

Have you ever heard about water cycle? The water cycle is something that never stops and creates rain. It makes rain by using evaporation, condensation, transpiration, and precipitation.

First, Evaporation happens. The sun heats up the sea or lake and the water turns into water vapor. It also happens to plants when the water gets heated up and it goes up from the leaves. That is called Transpiration.

Then, the water vapor goes up and turns into clouds and clouds are made up of tiny bits of water. Water vapor spends ten days floating in the air. This process is called condensation.

Precipitation is the final step when it falls down as rain, hail, sleet, and snow. When it falls down it seeps into the ground and becomes groundwater and the rest of the water collects in the rivers and the sea. Rain droplets are not like a teardrop, they are shaped like a hamburger bun. Did you know, in some countries, there is acid rain where there is water and acid is mixed together?

In summary, the water cycle keeps on going and going forever. We will never have any more or less water but we can still pollute it.The water that we use is the same water that we use today.